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MicroBytes #1 : Akbar Khan

PS: If you’re new to MicroBytes here’s a super short intro

Akbar works as a senior software engineer at Airbus, He has more than 15 years of experience in the software industry. He currently resides in Birmingham.


Thank You, Akbar

Let’s get started:

What’s your work routine?

The tools I use to organize and process the wave of information and requests that hit me in the face every day are Asana and Notion. I pay attention to my energy throughout the day. I’ve learned how to switch between draining and energizing work. I’m really most productive when I can be creative and focused on one single task for a long amount of time early in the morning.

“What do you know about your work now that you wish you’d known when you first started?”

To not be so passive. Nobody is looking out for your career but you.

I don’t say that in a negative way. I was just a little naive early on in my career, thinking that if I just did a good job the rest would take care of itself. The reality is most of the opportunities I’ve received — new responsibilities, projects, promotions — were because I went out and asked for them.

“What book has helped you the most over your career?”

Deep Work by Cal Newport

“What are some common mistakes you see young developers make?”

Not experimenting with different languages, frameworks, and not building enough side projects.

“And your parting piece of advice?”

Keep failing!

It will teach you faster than anything else.

The first time you fail is scary and embarrassing, and you want to forget about it. But you hold the lessons from that failure with you and make sure you never do it again. Imagine how much knowledge you’d have if you failed every day?