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The first post

I’ve decided to start writing, not sure what kind of content though. I might explain programming concepts, do book reviews, bodybuilding related content, interesting stuff I find online, or just sheer ramblings.

I guess we’ll find out as we go, can’t promise anything.

Something I can promise though -

  • It’ll be consistent-this isn’t a side project (which I usually discontinue working on after some weeks 😭), I’ve seen people writing their blogs for years, even decades - I plan to do the same
  • It’ll be brief - I’ve observed that people lose interest if the posts are too long. I’ll try to keep the writings short and concise.

Also, some posts will include a cool video, something I’m copying from Haseeb’s blog

Right now the intention is to become a sponge - absorb everything, scour the net, reach out to mentors, just gather as much information as possible. Which I then plan to put in this blog, hope you’ll be around to read it.

Here Goes,